How Do I Reschedule QuickPayPortal Appointment?

How Do I Reschedule QuickPayPortal Appointment?

How Do I Reschedule QuickPayPortal Appointment? The process is however very much simple. But before learning the process, it is important to learn a few interesting things related to the QuickPayPortal. Yes, learning so is very important to the people who still not known or at least who don’t have a basic idea regarding the online service portal called a QuickPayPortal.

The QuickPayPortal is an online health service portal that greatly helps in managing transactions or processing bill payments without facing any kind of trouble. Today, if you notice, people in billion numbers are using this portal successfully. It is safe and secure too. The essential thing you must come with is none other than a 15-digit  QuickPay code respectively.

Reschedule Quickpayportal appointment

This is what going to be printed on the medical bills themselves given by the doctor post-treatment process. It not only held responsible for processing bill payments but also provides a huge number of benefits to all the users. What are those, however, can be learned over here. Also, for users who were still not known about the process involved to Reschedule QuickPayPortal Appointment, here is the good news. You can learn over here undoubtedly.

How Do I Reschedule QuickPayPortal Appointment?

The process is so simple. Just follow the below instructions and implement the same to avoid the occurrence of causes. So, are you ready? If yes, here we go.

  • The very first, open any of the web browsers and visit the official site called
  • Once the page gets open, you are requested to enter the 15-digit QuickPay code or Statement ID or Access code in the given space.


  • After the successful entry, Tap on sign in.
  • Now you have successfully entered your respective account in
  • Right there, if you notice there is an appointment tab. This is where all the scheduled appointments were listed over there just below the upcoming appointments.
  • If you observe there is even a Reschedule link appear over there.
  • You are requested to tap on the corresponding link.
  • Select the appointment date by taking the help of the calendar.
  • And then finally, click on the reschedule QuickPayPortal appointment button.
  • That’s all!!!
  • If you like to view the past appointments, tap on the appointments tab-> choose the option called past-> select the respective time frame through the past appointments drop-down menu.

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QuickPayPortal Benefits

Whoever access their account in, will definitely achieve the following benefits in a more successful way.

quickpayportal benefits

  • booking appointments.
  • Viewing the upcoming appointments.
  • Rescheduling appointments basis on our needs or convenience.
  • Having a look around the prescriptions.
  • Processing billing payments.
  • Processing consultation fees online.
  • Managing the credit/ debit card details.
  • Accessing services at the reach or handy. This is what possible when you access the Quickpayportal services through the mobile application.

Accordingly, the data or the process provided here is very clear and understandable. If you still have doubts or likely to learn more interesting facts about the reschedule Quickpayportal appointment taken over the online portal, mention in terms of comments.

As soon as we see it, we will update it in simple understandable terminology. Thank you. Like and share the article through any of the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or any without any fail. Stay in touch with Quickpayportal for learning more interesting facts posted over here.

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