8 Best Medical Portals To Pay Bills Online Easily

8 Best Medical Portals To Pay Bills Online Easily

Are you looking for some of the best medical portals to pay bills? Then you have come to the right place. Here, we will discuss the best medical portals to pay bills in the year 2021. With advanced technology, we need software with advanced options to take care of our modern needs.

Medical billing software is basically an online portal where you can pay your patient’s medical bills and then claim for insurance. These medical portals ensure the insurance claim to be fast and successful for you. So, using online portals for this purpose is very useful.

best medical portals to pay bills

The best medical portals make sure that you get the refund or claim within the shortest period possible and also with greater benefits. So, choosing the best one for your hospital billing is very important. Here are the best 8 medical portals to pay bills.

8 Best Medical Portals To Pay Bills

Below are the best medical portals to pay bills online and get successful claims on your billings. We have researched a lot and picked the best medical portals like quickpayportal for you. Go through the details and features and choose the best one that suits perfectly all your needs.


AdvancedMD is, without a doubt, one of the best medical portals to pay bills in 2021. AdvancedMD is a little expensive when compared to other medical billing software but ensures a high success insurance rate on your first claim. It claims to give a successful insurance claim up to 95%. This medical billing portal has an easy interface and also lets you understand the mechanism easily.

best medical portals to pay bills in 2021

This medical portal has also other notable features. It works well with all sizes and types of billing practices. Even if there were any coding errors, then it will search and let you know the errors. If your claim is rejected, then AdvancedMD will help you reclaim it. However, the only hard part is the initial coding has to be done yourself.


Kareo is also another option for the best medical portals to pay bills. This software is straightforward and has an easy-to-use interface. Kareo will handle the whole process of billing from starting to end. If any person’s claim is rejected or denied, then this software help you reclaim it.

 best medical portals

This medical billing software has a minimum contract of a month. You just have to pay the buy this medical portal and start using it for claiming insurance. Another highlight of this software is the cost is relatively lesser for this medical portal. Also, the contract is only a month long, so you can switch to another one if you didn’t like this one.


If you perform larger medical billing practices, then Cerner is the perfect pick for you. Cerner is one of the best medical portals to pay bills in 2021. This medical software is a perfect fit for complex medical billing. This software is not very easy to get a hold of.

 medical portals for billing

You will require some attention and practice to do billings with ease. But, once you get comfortable with this billing service, you can do even complex medical billings without any worries. Due to its advanced features and great options, Cerner costs more.


DrChrono is a medical billing software where you can meet all your insurance claiming requirements in one place. It has an EMR system, practice management software, and also billing services for smaller medical practices.

 online medical portals to pay bills

This medical portal assures the first-pass success rate of 97%, which is really appreciable. However, you can’t use the DrChrono medical billing software if you are not using its EMR software. Also, another downside of this software is, it does not work much well for larger billing practices.

Human Medical

Human Medical is also one of the best medical portals to pay medical bills. This medical billing software has one of the easiest interfaces and is highly customizable. There is a wide range of options available for the customers and can be considered as one of the best medical portals to pay bills.

list of best medical portals to pay bills

You can customize your medical billing software by contacting the developer. Coding will also be done so you don’t have to worry about the initial coding. But, the cost is higher since it has a lot of features and customization options. Also, there is no EMR option.

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If you are a small medical practitioner and are not so into larger investments, then CureMD is the best one for you. CureMD has one of the highest first-pass success rates, which is 98%. It has all the solutions for your medical billing requirements.

medical billing software

CureMD offers to code, claim, and medical billing in an easy way. The cost for basic service is less compared to other medical billing portals and also doesn’t even ask for a minimum contract. You are free to choose the period while buying the software.


CareCloud is another best option on the list for the best medical portals to pay bills related to your medical expenses. This medical billing software needs some startup fees and starts working for your billing. This software can’t be claimed as an all-in-one, but it does its work in the best way possible.

There are multiple plans available with various features. CareCloud also provides strong EMR software if you want to increase your level. The minimum contract length is one year. But, the price is a bit higher than other billing portals.


We have given you the best medical portals to pay bills of your medical expenses. AdvancedMD and Kareo are the perfect options for the best medical portals where you can claim insurance with a high success rate. Make sure to check twice before buying a medical portal for your billing needs. We hope you got the best medical portal to pay bills from this post. For more related articles, visit the QuickPayPortal website.

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